Quotes on Ecology and Morality

(in alphabetical order)

Abortion is bad. Overpopulation is worse.

A more crowded world is not a better world.

Average intelligence cannot not solve problems it originally led to.

Be consistent in your rejection of the scientific method.

Belief without evidence is superstition.

Believing whatever makes you feel good is not the same as optimism.

Birth control is the ultimate green technology.

Cancer-model economies don't work on finite planets.

Can one really be a productive member of a consumptive society?

Common sense isn't.

"Conservative" morality GAP: Gluttony, Avarice & Pride.

"Conservatives" are obsessed with their rights and everyone else's responsibilities.

"Conservatives" have the world all figured out and hate to be told they don't.

"Conservatives" respect nature like rapists respect women.

Creation science isn't.

Creationism proves the non-uniformity of brain evolution.

Denial is often confused with optimism.

Diversity, a.k.a. overpopulation.

Don't blight the land that feeds you.

Early right-wingers thought gravity was a conspiracy to keep them down.

Earth to human race: drop some of your needs!

Economic growth cycle: overpopulate, mitigate, repeat.

Economic growth equals ecological shrinkage.

Economic growth is the endless replacement of nature with people.

Education is wasted on unreasonable people.

Efficiency gains get trampled by population gains.

Endless economic growth is like cancer that pays dividends.

Environmental "extremism" is no match for extreme growthism.

Everything you have comes from nature. A little respect is in order.

Evidence has no ego or religion.

Evidence shows that people ignore evidence.

Explaining climatology to wingnuts is like explaining DNA to the O.J. jury.

Faith is hope without evidence.

Fear nature not for its wrath, but for its indifference.

Finite resources are conspiring against your gluttony.

Finite resources are, amazingly, finite!

For cutting edge denial, tune to the Right of the AM band.

Fundamentalists admit they're sinners until you specify their sins.

Genesis 1:28 update: Go forth and overpopulate and pillage the Earth, and call it economic growth.

Good news is accepted on blind faith while bad news is subject to endless scrutiny.

G.O.P. stands for greedily optimistic pride.

Government efficiency, or lack thereof, mirrors the habits of the citizenry.

Government's ability to control greed is what "conservatives" fear most.

Higher frequencies and higher thinking are squelched on the AM band.

Housing starts are a leading indicator of mindless population growth.

"How crowded can we make this planet?" is not much of a legacy.

Human numbers: the more the scarier.

Humans are an adaptable species; at the expense of most others.

"I choose to believe" has no place in national science policy.

If any other species behaves like Man we call it a plague.

If environmentalism is a "religion" it's the most pragmatic one.

If evidence doesn't suit you, cherry-pick it, dumb it down and spin it.

If it was feasible, "conservatives" would build a Jeep trail up Mt. Everest.

If only common sense was.

If the Bible is a science text it needs twenty centuries of revision.

If you don't understand how nature works, you don't understand how the world works.

If you must be reminded each Sunday to be moral, you probably aren't.

If you really care, send them birth-control, not food.

If you're looking for junk science, start with the Bible.

Ignore any evidence that cramps your style.

In terms of biology and geology, the net effect of human activity is depletion.

Indifference to nature can be fatal.

Infinite abundance and economic growth are symbiotic fantasies.

Intelligence seeks knowledge and ignorance seeks dogma.

Intelligent, objective people are an oppressed minority.

It would be easier to create fewer people than more jobs.

It's not conservative to not conserve.

It's too late to respect limits after they've been exceeded.

Jesus ISN'T coming and resources ARE finite.

Jesus wasn't Right-trash.

Keep Tahoe blue, stop at two. (children per couple)

Keep your Creation out of my science.

Money derived from money itself will always be a racket.

Money is not a natural resource.

Money is only as wise as the people setting prices.

Money rarely warns of depletion until after the fact.

Morality does not require ancient fables.

More gluttony will not solve shortages caused by same.

More humans leads to more human misery.

Most "economic growth" is the growth of depletion.

Most of the world's problems result from people not cooperating with nature or each other.

Most people can't face reality without a feel-good filter, such as religion, alcohol or both.

Nature can't hear your excu$e$.

Nature cares a lot less about you than vice versa, and it's in charge.

Nature does not exist to "meet growing needs."

Nature does not owe you a living.

Nature does not recognize wants, needs or rights.

Nature gives you everything and owes you nothing.

Nature is indifferent to the "rights" of any species, including Man.

Nature is not a bottomless pit for corporate welfare.

Nature is the final arbiter of human fate.

Nature is your keeper, not your servant.

Nature keeps you alive. You don't have better things to worry about.

Nature was doing OK until people put price tags on it.

Nature won't forgive willful ignorance.

Never ask a "conservative" to conserve anything.

"No limits!" only works for so long on a finite planet.

Old conservative adage: waste not, want not.
New conservative adage: waste a lot, want more.

On a finite planet, smart growth is zero growth.

Optimism doesn't change finitude.

Overpopulation: we should be smarter than that.

Peak Oil: nature sets the price from now on.

People are basically good; at making themselves look good.

People who need a guidebook to be moral probably aren't.

Population growth is a conservation killer.

Population growth nullifies efficiency.

Preservation is taken for granted later by those who didn't care.

Priority check: the environment allows the economy to exist.

"Pro-life" generally excludes the non-human kind.

Real conservatives conserve.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Contracept.

Religious faith is a form of procrastination.

Resources are only finite in someone else's lifetime.

Respect for nature is not optional.

Respect for nature, or lack thereof, is a reliable measure of decency.

Respect limits or they won't respect you.

Rush is Right trash.

Save the Earth by controlling birth.

Science cleans up the messes of fundamentalism.

Science is only wrong when it says people are.

Scientific details often cannot be interpreted with "common" sense or layman's standards.

Self-evident truths don't require missionaries.

Small minds can't grasp big pictures.

That which keeps you alive (nature) cannot be subordinate to your needs.

The best thing you can do for the planet is not make it more crowded.

The Bible is irrefutable evidence of religion.

The Far Left is naive but the Far Right is evil.

The greenest technology ever invented is contraception.

The more ancient and less peer-reviewed a text is, the more "conservatives" trust it as factual.

The news makes more sense if people aren't basically good.

"The sciunce isn't setuld!"

The ultimate form of conservation is contraception.

The world is long on people and short on wisdom.

The worst kind of ignorance is willful.

There is no invisible man and no invisible plan. Nature makes the rules.

Those who respect nature don't make endless excuses for its destruction.

To understand global warming denial, note the excuses of cigarette smokers.

Treat the Earth as if it will exist after you're gone.

True optimism requires evidence, not faith.

Truth is not always found in the center of opposing views.

Viva la contracepción!

"We must meet the needs of a growing population..."
Reality check: The population needs to stop growing.

When animals breed out of control it's called overpopulation.
When humans breed out of control it's called "economic growth."

When the citizenry lives within its means, the government will follow.

You can't mitigate finitude.

You were against the concept before you even saw the evidence.*

The above quotes are (known to be) the original ideas of this site's creator. Please cite the source/URL if they are re-posted.

The word "conservative" appears in quotes because the author is a relatively rare conservative who respects nature's limits.

*Reactionary denial of man-made environmental problems like AGW, or the science of evolution.

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